Bats in the belfry, attic, basement or chimney? Scratching or scurrying noises in the ceiling? Foul odors in your home? Critter Control can help eliminate bats in your home and prevent them from re-entry. Call your local Critter Control office today at 800 CRITTER for effective bat removal services.

Identify A Bat

The most common bats you may cross paths with will include the big brown bat and the little brown bat. Bats are beneficial to humans due to their diet of choice, insects. Bats share similar characteristics, making identification simple.

  • Wingspan of 9-15 inches
  • Wings built as broad webbed hands
  • Short legs
  • Sharp claws
  • Large ears
  • Dark brown and black to light tan and yellowish in color

Bats choose to roost within dark and safe areas, including caves, hollow trees, chimneys, and attics. They will hang upside down by their feet while they sleep until dusk, when the bats will awake and fly out of the roosting area. Bats prefer to roost near bodies of water due to the insect population.

Bat Problems

Entry & Damage

Bats in homes are commonly found in attics, chimneys, and walls.  They are small animals that are able to enter homes through small entry areas. Bats enter homes in hopes of finding safe shelter. During summer months, when bat pups are learning to fly, they may accidentally enter homes through open doors and windows.

Bats and humans generally coexist peacefully. When bats are in homes, the damages and dangerous hazards created will create problems for the homeowner. Bats in homes will accumulate bat guano (droppings) that can lead to health problems. As bat guano sits, it begins harboring fungal spores, including histoplasmosis. Not only will the bat guano create health problems, it will also create stains, odors, and damage insulation in the attic.

Bat Control

Removal & Prevention

Critter Control of Traverse City has extensive training on bat control. We can implement bat exclusion methods, repair damages, and prevent future bat problems. Bats are known carriers of diseases. Inexperienced homeowners should not attempt to handle a raccoon. Call Critter Control of Traverse City for long-term bat control.

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